Who Are We

The Basics

For 15 years, the staff at BabyBird has been consulting with businesses to create personalized content strategies. Beyond just getting your message heard, we create lasting impressions with compelling engagements with your customers. Whether you are launching a new product, have a service that needs more exposure, or are redefining your corporate culture, we create and leverage engaging media to get your story in front of your audience, be it a live event or scripted production.

The Right Team For The Job

BabyBird has curated some of the most talented creative people in multiple disciplines to help us offer custom teams for various styles of production.  Every member of BabyBird has been working in the industry for many years, and with our strategic partner companies in Hollywood, and Live Events, BabyBird has been able to be agile. Offering flexible competitive rates no matter the size of the client, or production. We are a singular solution for all your content.

One Size Does Not Fit All

We realize the needs of a Real Estate Agent and a Fortune 500 companies vary drastically, not to mention the needs of agencies and production companies.

Our Solution

We begin by building complete custom solutions for each and every client. With each industry, we do a deep dive, both locally and nationally, to look for niche marketing and promotional opportunities and produce specialized content just for those needs as well as edits for social, inbound, and outbound marketing.

If you are an agency and you would like to add a part time video production team, we offer white label services where we become part of your company to produce your projects. We provide everything, but under your umbrella.

Let Us Know About Your Next Production